Dr. Steven Niswander is the client manager for comprehensive environmental services provided to West Bloomfield Township. Niswander Environmental administers the Township’s wetland woodland, floodplain, and stormwater ordinances, which require review of all new site plans and extensive coordination with the Environmental Director, the Wetland Review Board, the Planning Commission, and the Township Board. Per Township requirements, Niswander Environmental conducts wetland delineations, provides essential/non-essential wetland determinations, conducts stream and habitat assessments, threatened and endangered species surveys, site planning services, provides expert witness testimony, and designs successful wetland mitigation sites using the latest BMP’s.

In addition to these services, Niswander Environmental provides resourceful ways to improve and protect the water quality of this lake community. In implementing the Township’s stormwater ordinance, Niswander Environmental utilizes innovative green technology to naturally manage stormwater in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Niswander Environmental has designed and created numerous bioswales, raingardens, and treatment wetlands that have resulted in reducing runoff rates and nutrient loading into area waters, as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing natural feature when planted with native shrubs, grasses, and wildflowers.

A primary concern of West Bloomfield Township is environmental setback protection and open space planning. Because the Township’s environmental feature setbacks are often encroached upon, Niswander Environmental is tasked with design and implementation of naturalized environmental features setback restoration plans, again primarily through formal landscaping using native plant material.

Niswander Environmental works with the Township on land preservation issues and open space planning, which is completed by integrating GIS with land selection variables. This allows the Township to prioritize remaining undeveloped land to achieve acquisition and preservation goals.

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