Common reed (Phragmites) is an aggressive species that is difficult to fully control unless treated annually. Phragmites is an invasive plant that can rapidly advance within natural areas and even lawns to outcompete and displace other vegetation, which ultimately can result in a reduction of habitat quality and wildlife usage, a decline in recreational opportunities, and lower property values. Niswander Environmental was contracted by a southeast Michigan Homeowners Association to implement a long-term, multi-year aggressive invasive species management plan within the subdivision to control Phragmites found within several wetlands and detention ponds. Initial treatment began in 2008 and continues annually with a combination of chemical and mechanical control techniques. Niswander Environmental implemented strategic treatment plans to control and suppress invasive vegetation from a given area using ATV’s, Argos, and backpack sprayers. Proactive measures were critical to eradicating this species thereby preserving the significant floristic quality of this area.

Since 2008, it is estimated that the population of Phragmites has been effectively reduced by approximately 85% in most areas, and totally eradicated in others. In addition, numerous areas are re-vegetating naturally with native wetland species which will help inhibit Phragmites from re-establishing in the future.

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