Created 63.87 acres of self-sustaining wetlands by restoring a historic, substantially degraded wetland that had been in agricultural production for more than 50 years in the River Raisin Banking Watershed. The Bank has been sited to ensure a successful restoration that maximizes the benefits to the River Raisin Watershed. The siting of this bank will reduce downstream flooding and improve water quality in the River Raisin and ultimately Lake Erie. The site design and location address several potential threats to the river identified in the EGLE Nonpoint Source Program 319 approved River Raisin Watershed Management Plan (2009) including nutrient loading, reducing sedimentation, and conserving and restoring natural features. The bank restored a marginal agricultural field taken out of production to its natural condition. The bank addresses multiple impairments outlined in the watershed plan, including restoration of natural features, assimilation of nutrients, capturing sediments, and improving flood storage reducing stream peak flows during storm events. The mitigation bank addresses each of these impairments using best management practices (i.e., wetland restoration, conservation cover, vegetative plantings) outlined in the watershed plan. In addition, the bank is located adjacent to a large wildlife area owned by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). The addition of this large contiguous natural area will improve the wildlife habitat by further reducing edge habitat and the “island effect” so common in Southeast Michigan. Bank management activities will also prevent and regulate the spread of non-native species. The site design and location address several goals of Michigan’s Adaptive Management Plan for Lake Erie (draft) dated March 2020. The River Raisin Watershed is considered a high priority watershed for the State of Michigan, and the establishment of the bank will contribute to the reduction of total phosphorus (TP) and soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) loads within the watershed and ultimately Lake Erie.

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