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Niswander Environmental is one of the most experienced wetland mitigation firms in the state.

Niswander Environmental provides comprehensive mitigation services, specializing in cradle-to-grave project management, including all aspects of mitigation project management including site selection, design, permitting, construction, native seeding/planting, monitoring, long-term stewardship, and final approval from the state. We have been designing and constructing wetlands for over 20 years, successfully completing projects for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Iowa DOT, MDOT, local road commissions, local park systems, and private developers and landowners in Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, and Oregon. Over the past 12 years, we have designed 47 mitigation sites totaling over 1,100 acres, including several private and regional mitigation banks for MDOT, local road commissions, and county park systems.

Niswander Environmental has extensive experience with site-specific wetland design implementation, including over-seeing wetland construction and serving as the general contractor. Niswander Environmental has completed 28 design/build projects from start to finish. In addition, Niswander Environmental has hand-planted 38 mitigation sites totaling over 550 acres (~300,000 bare-root trees and shrubs) and is scheduled to construct and plant several more sites within the next year. Serving as the designer and contractor is the most effective way to ensure a seamless, successful project. In addition to site-specific mitigation, Niswander Environmental has designed, built, planted, and actively manages 9 wetland mitigation banks totaling over 700 acres, making us the largest private wetland banker in Michigan. For more information about Michigan’s Wetland Mitigation Banking Program click here.


  • • Wetland Mitigation Design
    • Mitigation Construction
    • Native Seeding/Planting
    • Mitigation Monitoring
    • Site Evaluation
    • Predicting Banking Needs
    • Wetland Delineation
    • Planting Plans
    • Cost Estimates
    • Conservation Easements
    • MDEQ Negotiations
    • Local and State Approvals
    • Sales of Bank Credits


    • Mapping
    • Hydrologic Assessment
    • Optimum Site Selection
    • Site Planning/ Design