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What we do

Niswander Environmental provides customer intimate services that identify client needs and develops and implements cost effective, innovative solutions. We strive to achieve precision, accuracy, completeness, and comparability of our work product. We believe honesty and integrity are the driving forces behind our services.

Niswander Environmental provides cradle-to-grave ecological services including all aspects of project management from conception to implementation and monitoring. Niswander Environmental is a design-build firm that provides all aspects required to complete a project including planning, site assessments, site design, construction oversight, and long-term maintenance & monitoring. Since we serve as contractors in both earthwork and planting (ordering materials and implementing the work ourselves) we are able to provide designs that are not only realistic and applicable to the site but that are also cost effective.

Wetland & Stream Services

  • delineations and functional assessments
  • wetland inventory
  • wetland, stream, and floodplain permitting
  • mitigation location, design, construction, and monitoring
  • treatment wetlands design, construction, and monitoring
  • stream, woodland, and wetland restoration
  • hydrogeomorphic assessments and natural channel design
  • mitigation banking

Landscaping and Construction Services

  • MDOT Prequalified (Construction, Landscaping, Seeding)
  • wetland construction and planting
  • bioswale/raingarden design/build
  • native landscaping
  • park natural features planning
  • invasive species management
  • aquatic and nuisance weed control

Ecological Assessments

  • natural features inventories
  • Floristic Quality Assessments (FQA’s)
  • threatened and endangered species surveys
  • woodland/tree inventories
  • EIS/EA’s

Geographic Information Systems Services

  • mapping
  • optimum site selection
  • constraints analysis
  • site planning
  • natural features analysis and priority area ranking


Niswander Environmental
Niswander Environmental