Since 2004, Niswander Environmental has offered ecological solutions for private citizens, corporations, municipalities, government agencies, transportation agencies, non-profit organizations, and developers. Niswander Environmental provides comprehensive ecological services including site assessments, site design, construction oversight and administration, long-term monitoring, and perhaps most importantly, large scale project management. We specialize in cradle-to-grave wetland services including wetland and stream mitigation design/build, delineations, permitting, and wetland management and stewardship. Niswander Environmental is becoming known as the firm to call when faced with complex wetland and site planning issues since we frequently identify solutions to seemingly “dead-end” projects by thinking outside the box.


    • Federal/State Permitting
    • Wetland Delineations
    • Floristic Quality Assessment
    • Natural Features Inventory
    • Habitat Assessment
    • Natural Resource Management
    • Threatened/Endangered Species Survey
    • Tree Surveys
    • Site Planning
    • Native Landscaping
    • Site-Specific Mitigation
    • GIS / GPS Mapping
    • Federal/State Compliance
    • Stormwater Management
    • Habitat Restoration
    • Hydrogeomorphic Studies
    • Property Feasibility Studies
    • Wetland Mitigation Plans for Farm Bill Compliance


Niswander Environmental has delineated thousands of wetlands, ranging in size from a few hundred square feet to a few hundred acres. Most of our wetland projects require a close working relationship with Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) and local municipal staff. EGLE staff have come to anticipate Niswander Environmental’s wetland delineations to be accurate and its dealings straightforward.


Niswander Environmental conducts ecological assessments for private clients and public agencies regularly in order to identify potential permitting issues and to determine if a property contains significant natural resources. Natural features such as wetlands, watercourses, floodplains, woodlands, landmark trees, rare natural communities, and state– or federally-listed species and/or their habitat are identified and mapped prior to development to alert clients of potential regulatory situations. This aids in the site planning process, minimizes impacts to the natural resources, and minimizes costly delays.


Niswander Environmental offers comprehensive Threatened and Endangered Species services to assist clients with gaining clearance for their projects. We contact the state and/or federal agency to conduct an in-house review prior to an onsite investigation to obtain additional information or data related to a given species. Our staff then conducts an on-the-ground habitat assessment within the limits of a project to determine if suitable habitat is present for the species in question. If there is potential for the species to inhabit the area, a detailed survey using species-specific survey protocol is conducted.


Our team works closely with state and federal agencies to develop project-specific survey plans, conducts surveys, and, if needed, animal relocations. We are dedicated to ensuring successful projects are completed on time and within budget. This work is conducted in accordance with state and federal permits and in a manner that ensures all mussels have the greatest chance of survival.

mussel surveys and mussel relocation


Wetland mitigation typically requires at least five years of monitoring to ensure a successful restoration. Niswander Environmental not only monitors mitigation or restoration sites, but also actively manages these lands to ensure they meet strict performance standards. Often, this includes activities such as supplemental seeding/planting, invasive species control, manipulation of water regimes, prescribed burn, minor earthwork to repair berms, and general site maintenance.

Wetland Monitoring

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